Classic Land Rover in Morocco

We’ve covered our participation in the Santana Trophy in the July issue of Classic Land Rover magazine but even at six pages, the feature only allows us to share a small part of the week-long festival.

Don’t despair though, thanks to the wonders of the web, we’re able to give you some additional views of the event and whet your appetite for the 2020 running. We might just see you there!

Pictures and video clips supplied by the CLR crew and the Santana 2019 organisers. Classic Land Rover July issue will be available in selected WHSmith and Sainsbury’s stores from Wednesday 5th June.

A procession of Land Rovers and Santanas queue up for the ferry at Almeria bound for North Africa

They start them young in Spain

All dressed up and a long way to go – around 1,500 km to be accurate. And that’s before the drive back to Blighty

After You…

Our flags certainly helped foster the competitive spirit. I suspect that the 2020 event will be flags of nations

The Desert Looks Flat. Looks Can Be Deceiving. Hold On To Your Teeth At About 13 Seconds

Team CLR including our adopted son. From left to right the youngster – a 1990 coiler, the Smurf, FC101 and a 1989 One Ten

Only actually being in the Sahara gives you any comprehension of its scale

And this is what playing follow my leader through a sandstorm is like

Finding a parking space in the desert was never an issue and parking wardens were conspicuous by their absence

These are the waypoints that we were looking for

The red tools are used to put a unique stamp onto your route card. Miss one and you get penalty points

The dots you can see on the route card are stamps to prove you’ve been where you should have been

The Route Book is amazing, metre by metre to every way point

A terrific sight – our FC101 showing its British roots to the world

Finding Ways To Relax In The Desert

Flag envy. There was no escaping the fact that the Spanish flag was bigger than ours

Somehow, we always seemed to be at the back of the queue for the section starts

These guys can fix anything

The Hammer of Thor – Moroccan style. Many uses and always on hand in case a leaf spring needed coaxing back into true

Thankfully, this leaf spring only required the smaller hammer

The Smurf looked after us again

Arabella modelling what every sandstorm-visiting teenager is wearing this year

Absolutely, Definitely NOT A ‘How To’ For Kinetic Tow Ropes

As you might expect we saw plenty of camels (yes, we know they’re dromedaries) but they tended to stay just out of ideal camera range

The sign said ‘stop’ so we stopped

The Saharan sunsets are incredible

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