Classic Land Rover is an exciting new monthly magazine dedicated to Series and the classic Land Rovers. Written by enthusiasts, it is the complete guide to buying, owning, running, driving, repairing, modifying and restoring pre-nineties Land Rovers and Range Rover classics.

Visually stunning with a contemporary design, Classic Land Rover combines the very best: restored Land Rovers, news and events, ‘how to’ technical features, historical articles plus off-road, greenlaning and overseas journeys.

Regular features include:

  • Tech and Toolbox – sections dedicated to comprehensive workshop and practical Land Rover tasks
  • Restoration features – classic Land Rovers enthusiasts have restored
  • Vintage Britain – ‘out and about’ in interesting corners of Great Britain in classic Series Land Rovers
  • Journeys – tales of adventure and accounts; off-roading and greenlaning and trips further afield to and from other continents
  • Club Reports – classic Land Rovers in action at both national and club events
  • Land Rovers for sale – free classified reader adverts section
  • Latest News – news from across the classic Land Rover scene including parts, politics and clubs

And much, much more!

Put simply, Classic Land Rover has no bling, just leafers and early coilers!

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